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Adobe AIR

This was the first session we attended on Monday morning of the conference. The title of the session was ‘Using Flash with Adobe AIR’. You can read more about Adobe AIR here. AIR basically lets developers use web technologies to build Internet applications that run outside the browser on any operating system. Here’s what I learned:

  • Built on the WebKit HTML engine. Apple’s Safari is built using this engine.
  • You can purchase a certificate to make your application Digitally Signed.
  • It has a built-in automatic update feature. If you push out a new version of your program (i.e. Version 1.2), the users will be alerted to download/install the update on their machine.
  • Our Adobe eLearning Suite comes with Adobe Media Player. This was built completely on AIR.
  • If you know how to work with Flash, you can create full applications.
  • You dont have to create it in Flash. Anything that can write text can be used to write AIR apps. For most people, Flash, Dreamweaver or Flex is the best way to write AIR apps.
  • AIR applications have icons in the dock or system tray; they are real applications just like Dreamweaver, Camtasia, SnagIt, etc.
  • Flex is easier to accomplish the programming because of the tools. But Dreamweaver and Flash work just fine.
  • Books on Adobe AIR

This session was really impressive. Flash pushes out a complete Installer files for Windows, Max or Linux. Not really sure how creating a full time app that needs to be installed on your computer is beneficial over showing content via the web, but this seems be a really easy way to create computer applications with very minimal programming.

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