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Virtual World – Real Learning

This was a great breakout session on using Second Life and other Virtual Worlds for training and instruction. The speaker had guests connected to us from London and Thailand.

The speaker showed us the entire presentation via Second Life. He connected us to an institution in South East Asia titled ‘International School Island‘. I was able to visit the blog and was provided with a link that teleported my character in Second Life to their community. They use the island to educate trainers and other educators.

We also traveled to another part of Second Life that a business school in London uses for their executive MBA program. The speaker from London spoke to us via Second Life and gave us an entire tour of their campus by using a Magic Carpet ride on Second Life. The speaker from London demonstrated a classroom they use for their MBA program. The classroom had many seats, a podium and a large screen for the class to enjoy videos and PowerPoints. While in ‘class’ they sometimes have assignments that require they go ‘outside’ and construct different projects – all in Second Life.

The speaker informed us that IBM has a virtual place in Second Life where they conduct sale rehearsals for top executives. They found that the participants had retained 28% more information than those who took part of the face-to-face rehearsal. They found that while taking part of the rehearsal in Second Life, the attendees were less distracted as they don’t get caught up in laughing/making jokes at others acting skills.

Actually seeing it in action, I am more convinced that Second Life is a great environment to conduct simulations and even hold classroom sessions.

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