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Best Applications in Mobile Learning


This was an excellent session by Judy Brown, creator of mLearnopedia.com. The entire presentation can be downloaded here. She specializes in mobile learning. Mobile is hard to define; but it definitely means several things: it is accessible at all time, it is an instant on device, no need to re-boot or start and it is something you carry with you at all times.  A survey found that most people will turn around and go home if they forgot their mobile device.

Mobile devices do not carry full courses in most cases, but just little 3 or minute chunks or ‘learning pills’.

According to a report by the Media Center and Educause, The 2009 Horizon Report states that companies have to start looking at Mobile learning in your 1-year plan; not your 3 to 4 year plan as previously thought. It’s happening right now.

One issue with mobile devices is that they are private AND social. It’s all about choices; and they’re a ton of choices out there when it comes to mobile devices. ReadyMobi will allow you to type in an URL and it will show you how it will look like in a mobile device. Merrill Lynch’s GoLearn was a 7 week pilot. The results were 1% higher, 45% less time, 100% wanted more and 99% felt the format supports learning. Epocrates App for the iPhone.

Hairdresser Training. Full 2 year program on mobile device. It worked because Hair Dressers work standing up and cannot be sitting in front a computer. Sign Language courses available on Mobile Devices. C-Shock mobile program; culture shock program. Augmented Reality Scientific Role Play Environments. Mystery@MIT. Hilton Garden INN – ultimate team play using PlayStationPortable – PSP. Hotel Industry: Homewood suites – deployed iPods and gave podcasts. Abilene Christian University:  used iPhones they gave away as Clickers. Health Management in Developing Countries.

Podcasts. vCom3D. BirdJam. Language/Culture. Culinary Insitute of American ProChef.  Crisis Response.mobi. Mobile Learning Update can be found here.

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