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Scribd: New Marketplace for Documents

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GradeGuru review by Mashable

Check out Mashable’s review on GradeGuru; a new note sharing site for college students.

Zamzar – Online File Conversion

April 17, 2009 Leave a comment is a free online file conversion site. It’s got a whole bunch of different file formats; from Image to word processing and video formats. They recently added an Audio portion which allows you to upload a text file and convert it to audio. Free text to speech! I haven’t really tried it out just yet, but looks promising. In order to receive the converted file you need to enter an email address in order for you to receive a link with the file. They have additional pricing plans if you want to have multiple file conversions and faster service.

LectureScribe: Free Whiteboard Recording Tool

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LectureScribe is a really simple to use tool that lets you record and capture Whiteboard-style notes with audio. It is easy to install and was developed by Brian Dean from Clemson University. Best of all, it is FREE! This is something that allows professors to easily record short lectures and solve math problems on the fly for students. It exports the file to a SWF so they can be easily uploaded to a website or LMS. Even if you don’t have a tablet PC, I think this is something really handy to have. It doesn’t really replace products like Camtasia or Mimio, but it is definetely more flexible and easy to use. Click here to download.

Academic Earth

March 24, 2009 Leave a comment

academicearthBe sure to check out Academic Earth. It has thousands of free lectures from top universities on all kinds of topics including Physics, Astronomy, Biology, etc. The site even offers full courses along with Course Calendars and even Exams. The videos are completely open and can be embedded into any site. This site reminds me of but full of lectures from academia. This kind of site definetely supports the idea of the dissapearing LMS…