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Can you negotiate a win-win solution?

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Info: Each Post is a different Session…

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Designing Interfaces to Improve Learning & Usability

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This was the very last session of the conference and I’am glad to say it was one of the very best sessions of the entire conference. It wasn’t just because I won an Amazon gift card the speaker gave away at the end of the session, it was geniusly good. The presenter was Nick Floro, CEO of SealWorks. I liked his session, so I taped almost all of it. Please send me an e-mail if you want a copy of the video. Read more…

Innovations in Mobile Learning @ Microsoft

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This breakout session was presented by Jim Federico, Sr. Director of Platform and Operations at Microsoft. He works with the SMSGReadiness – Sales, Marketing & Services Group. They host TechReady events which are held a couple of times a year. Employees come to Redmond for 6 days and get trained. Get to learn from the people creating the software
He oversees 75 classrooms and 1500 PCs and Servers.  Each employee is giving Roles and depending on the Roles, they develop a roadmap of training for them. Further train them on the area and segment of company they work for. Read more…

Game on! Transforming Online Learning, One Game at a Time

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qube_logotictacThis session was presented by Andrew Kimball, CEO, of Qube Learning. Mr. Kimball focused on the idea of the ‘mental struggle’. The learners will not learn unless they are challenged and have a ‘mental struggle’ to understand something. But unfortunately, mental struggle is expensive. Read more…

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Serious Games & Simulations Showcase

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This session was a showcase of several companies who create and support Simulations and Games for universites and companies. Here is a list of links: Read more…

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Best Applications in Mobile Learning

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This was an excellent session by Judy Brown, creator of The entire presentation can be downloaded here. She specializes in mobile learning. Mobile is hard to define; but it definitely means several things: it is accessible at all time, it is an instant on device, no need to re-boot or start and it is something you carry with you at all times.  A survey found that most people will turn around and go home if they forgot their mobile device.

Mobile devices do not carry full courses in most cases, but just little 3 or minute chunks or ‘learning pills’. Read more…